Have you been watching Drunk History on Comedy Central?

My husband was skeptical. We'd watched some of the episodes from the original web and the portrayal of people's drunkenness made him uncomfortable both as a person and an attorney. But it's summer and none of our usual shows are on, so we gave it a try . . .


We are enjoying it very much!

The drunk people are totally drunk but they don't seem as dangerously/uncomfortably drunk as I remember them being on the web. Moreover, the show has gotten a TON of amazing actors to reenact the stories being told - Laura Dern, Jack McBrayer and Retta leap immediately to mind as some of the most well-known from the episodes I've seen - and whether you know their names or not, the entire cast is doing a stellar job.

The show really capitalizes on what I love about history: the stories. As a history student, I never cared about dates or battles, but I loved reading and hearing stories about people from a long time ago and trying to imagine what it would have been like to be there. I'm not sure how rigorously accurate the stories on Drunk History are, but they seem to be close enough and the story-telling of them is really fun.

The other thing that's surprising (and not un-fun) about watching the show is that, at least for me, watching it makes me feel like I'm drunk even though I'm not. I've probably had a glass of wine by the time we're on the sofa watching TV at night, but watching all the drunk people has the bizarre effect of magnifying the feeling.

Drunk History airs on Comedy Central on Tuesdays at 10PM but we've been catching up on the episodes we missed by watching them on demand.

Will you watch? Would you want to be one of the drunken storytellers? (I kind of think I would . . .)