Things I Didn't Get For Christmas


We had a really good Christmas this year.  It was super fun.  The gifts were pretty much great all around.  The food was delicious.  People were happy.  High-fives left and right.

Still, I am an improver to a fault.  So, with New Year's (and its pesky resolutions) not yet upon me, I will embrace who I am (rather than change just yet) and share with you the things I did NOT get for Christmas and wish I had:

  • Several extra hours in each day (to use for sleep, productivity, and leisure)
  • More girlfriends (maybe just more conversations/connections with girlfriends)
  • The return of my favorite correspondent
  • A faster metabolism
  • INBox Zero
  • A wireless printer that actually prints wirelessly
  • The money to make season two of Gemma & The Bear

So . . . ya know . . . make a note for next year, k?